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Website Design :

Whether you are interested in creating a totally new web site or redesigning and existing web site, we've got you covered. Our design services include:

An initial consultation to assess your needs.
• Conceptual design of your web site.
• New web site creation.
• Final approval, and launch of your new web site.

Print Design:

Image is everything! From your invoices, receipts, logo, business cards, it all needs to be a consitant look and feel to be an effective marketing tool. Let Little Bear Marketing help you put a consistant look together for you with the following services:

• Logo design
• Business card, letter head, envelope design
• Brochure design
• Direct mail design

Photography & Photo Edititing

• Weddings
• Sports
• Family
• Landscape


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It's a fact: Search Engine's can bring customers to your web site! However, search engine optimization, which has the goal of getting your site ranked highly in the search results for specific keywords is a challenging task. With new developments in the search engine field being reported on an almost hourly basis, search engine optimizers need to keep on top of what’s happening just to do their jobs. At Dynamic Dreamz- Web Designing Company Web Design, we have extensive experience with search engines. We know what works and what doesn't. Here are a few things we've learned that other companies may not tell you:

• It takes time and patience!
• Anyone who gurantees you a number one ranking is not for real.
• Once you achieve a high ranking, there is no guarantee you will keep it without additional effort.
• It's a continuous process.

Rather than promising the world to you, our approach is to establish a baseline of where you are ranking now, and then take proactive steps to improve your standing. By tracking the results all along the way progress (and hence - our value to you) can be measured and quantified. Request an appointment with us, and we'll be happy to explain how our approach can get more visitors to your web site and increase your conversion rates.


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